Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Arabian Library and Other Weekend Adventures

On Friday night, I cleaned the bathroom. I do that every other Friday night. I used to do it on Saturday mornings, but then when I tried it on Friday once, I loved how it opened up Saturday for me. So I do it on Friday now. Always begrudgingly, because I think, sheesh Maria, it's the end of the work week... time for a nice cold Diet Sunkist, comfy shorts and a couple episodes of DVR'd What Not to Wear...but alas, I clean the bathroom and then get to all that nonsense. And it's always worth it!

Anyway, this past Friday night, I almost didn't clean the bathroom. We had no plans for this weekend other than to run to the mall at some point for a few needed items, and I thought, I suppose I can do this on Saturday instead. But I am glad I decided to clean on Friday night because we've had quite the adventurous weekend, Aaron and I.

There's a big brown building across the street from our apartment complex with a big sign that says "Arabian Library." Aaron and I always thought that was kind of odd. Are there usually entire libraries dedicated to one culture of literature? But we never really thought much of it, to tell you the truth. However, this Saturday morning, we decided we would find our closest public library. There are so many books I want to read, and I definitely want to build up a good arsenal for my Myrtle Beach trip next month. So we looked up our closest library and headed on over.

As we were talking to the nice lady about how to go about getting our cards and the book reserving process, she started telling us a little bit about the library. There is one central branch called the Civic Center library, and then there are a bunch of smaller branches around Scottsdale and they all share a catalog. She started rattling off their names...and I noticed that the branch we were at was called the Mustang Library.

Then I realized...they have named the branches after horses. Mustang. A horse. You know what else is a kind of horse? Arabian. Ahh! We had a good giggle. The librarian said "so, are we (the Mustangs) the closest branch to your home?" and we said " would appear that the Arabian branch is."

What makes it the most ironic is that a few weeks ago when Aaron and I went to vote on a small ballot initiative for Phoenix, it listed a building close to the Arabian Library as our polling place. As I was driving around trying to find the building that day, I drove past the library and saw a family coming out, dressed in full burka. I thought nothing of it - after all, it was the Arabian library - and I kept driving. Are you laughing at me yet? :)

Anyway, I got some good books from the Mustang branch, though much to my amusement, I got them both out of the juvenile fiction section. :) Number the Stars - still have never read it and I LOVE Lois Lowry - and...I wince as I type this...The Magician's Nephew. I have never read the Narnia series. I have not. I apologize whole-heartedly to all of you whom this mortally offends. And I understand your outrage. That's why I'm going to start reading!

When we got home from the library, though, I was hit with the realization of all of the books I still have on my shelf here that I have yet to get to... The Cure for the Common Life by Max Lucado (I read the beginning last year and LOVED IT), The Adoration of Jenna Fox (an interesting looking novel Aaron's mom gave me from her impressive collection), Harris & Me (Aaron reads a chapter to me sometimes in the mornings - big smile), and The Book Thief, which Aaron and I started reading to each other back when I had mono sophomore year, but we have yet to finish! And, lastly, the king; the it; the monolith: Mere Christianity. I have read the first "book" of it twice now, and I got through the second book yesterday. It's blowing my mind, and that's why I don't want to read it too quickly and thus haven't hit it today yet. But it hit me so hard yesterday that I even wrote a song about it! In one sitting! Imagine. I will try to blog soon about some of the amazing things I'm learning from it.

So our library adventure was giggle-worthy for sure. And today was a beautifully sweet day as well; we went to Ikea to play around, then on a whim, went up to Desert Ridge and painted some pottery. We then saw quite a fun movie. This is what Aaron Michael is, friends. He is spontanaeity and joy and a big smile. He takes such an easy joy in things. I quite truly pity you all for not having found him before me. :)

I don't think I'll ever second-guess cleaning the bathroom on Friday again! :)

Hope your weekend was as lovely as mine, friends! Until next time...

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