Monday, May 14, 2012

I'm not going to call this post "Ch Ch Ch Changes"

I don't even really know that song anyway and I bet it's terrible.

Something happened in my non-internet life parts recently that started a terrible game of "let's find out who you've given authority to" that ended (is still ending) in some salty tears and a dramatic journal entry or two. I've given lots of people authority in my life. Real scary authority, like the authority to tell me what's real and what isn't and whether I'm valuable or not.  If I were a betting lady I'd bet everyone gives authority to other people throughout their lifetimes.

(Have you seen The Avengers yet, like a good 21st century non-martian? Remember that gross scene where Mr. Black-Hair-Feminine-Scowl is telling the group of overpaid Hollywood extras that 'human beings crave being ruled'? I think we crave approval and that translates into our want to be 'ruled,' if you have to call it that. Also that could lead into a Spiritual discussion but I just ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich so I'm totally not up for that, guys.) My point in mentioning THE AVENGERS is 1. My SEO prowess and 2. exhibiting the universal truth that we all crave something that comes from someone else - approval, et. al. That's why I think we give people authority over us; meaning that's why we let their words/thoughts of us mean something in our heart areas.

But alarm alarm - that's so very bad! Stop doing it!

You'll run into trouble if you give way too much authority to another human being who is as equally as much of an asshole and incapable of perfection as you. Attention, attention: that's everyone.

No one deserves to be the standard in your life of You. No one can tell you whether you Are Pretty or Aren't Pretty or whether you deserve to be sat next to at a restaurant. Make sure you're not letting anyone do that. The real danger is that you are, and that that person is a real monster. (If that ship has already sailed for you, mine too, so lets get a soy milk latte and binge-read Harry Potter through the tears together.)

It's hard to take authority back from someone, but it's possible and something you should do right now, but not because I'm telling you to (OMG THIS IS BACKFIRING.)

Your test of value is whether you are a child of God, and you are. Done. Just sitting there eating individually wrapped Ghirardelli squares and reading this blog, you are beautiful and wonderful and you've added something to the earth realm (AVENGERS AVENGERS) that no one else ever could or will, and I love you too.

Also I dyed my hair brown because I almost jumped off the posh-bob-cliff again so I had to channel my "MUST CHANGE" energy somewhere else. I think it's lovely and I'm the only authority on me. LOOK AT IT AND LOVE IT (Drop mic and exit.)


  1. First of all, you look ridiculously hot as a brunette.
    Second of all, how did you know I was sitting here eating Ghirardellis? Did you also know that I'm still in my pjs?? Please say no.
    Lastly, thank you. For reminding me that my worth comes from no one else but our Father. And He loves me, pjs and all.

  2. THANK YOU FOR THIS BLOG ! ! ! Evelyn