Wednesday, April 17, 2013

California and the Reynolds and Dexter and also did I mention Dexter?

Now let me just tell you something about California.

I think California is the most perfect place on earth. It is simultaneously Ohio in the spring when life isn't half bad and a summery beach where your hair gets wavy and you don't even mind. It does not get very cold. It does not get Arizona-hot. It gets leaves in the fall. The southern part does not get snow. It has mountains and palm trees. It is perfect. BUT WE'VE RUINED IT, DUMMIES. Gas is $400 a gallon and beer is $15 for a six-pack and you have to pay 5 dollars to drive in the left lane of the highway now (not kidding.) I mean?! Oh man, I would live there in a heartbeat. I really would. But then I'd have to live under a bridge. Probably a great bridge, with great weather, but where would I plug in my hair dryer, you know? These are the questions.

Aaron, Ben and I just had such a great freaking weekend two weeks ago in California with the freaking greatest people you will ever meet, the Reynolds fam. Scott writes for Dexter, Amy is a boot camping interior designer, Mr. Zane shreds the guitar and little miss roller derby Audrey loves the Beatles (but CANNOT choose a favorite song. Maybe Blackbird. WE DON'T KNOW.) So we hung around Pasadena with them and ate great food and went to Amoeba Records in Hollywood AND got to play pretend on the set of Dexter. And then we were extras - sorry sorry "background artists" on Dexter.

On Friday we got "reflexology" massages for $25 in Pasadena. Then we had sushi. Then we snooped around the Dexter set.

On Saturday we went to Manhattan Beach and rented bikes. We (by "we" I mean "I") got sunburned on our nose and oh my gosh we did not even care one little bit. Then we got ice cream.

On Saturday night, the dudes had "Western Night" and the ladies went out to eat at an adorable cafe called Mike & Anne's and we talked about life and how it hurts sometimes but is also very lovely.

On Sunday we went to Mosaic Church in Hollywood and were overcome with the amount of talent that people in this world have. We loved the service. But we were also overcome with the feeling of being the most giant nerd on the planet. Then we resolved to start a personal campaign to become cooler; buying a denim vest being the first task on our list; and then we remembered we were in church and we said sorry for being so shallow, but then we prayed for a little help in becoming cooler, and then we were back on the denim vest.

After church we went to Stout and we tried gluten-free beer and it wasn't half-bad, hippies.

Then we went to Amoeba and left with some great Mazzy Star and Nada Surf and Edward Sharp loot.

Then we went home to take naps and work on our freelance assignments.

Then we went to a steakhouse where they cook your food in front of you. Seeing Audrey's reaction as this happened may have been the best part of the weekend?

ON MONDAY WE WERE ON DEXTER. We were at the location shooting for many, many hours. A lady did my hair. We did the same scene many many many many times. And it was probably the most fun day of my life (outside of my wedding and that one time at Cedar Point when they let us stay on the Millenium Force without getting off because there was no one in line. Also once I had a Star Wars marathon all day and that was pretty great too but my point is that being on Dexter was freaking really fun.)

We got to watch Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter and everyone else in action while they rehearsed and tried different lines different ways and all of that. I wish I could tell you more but I cannot. It will be the 5th episode of this season. You must watch.

Also I think I would like to be a Director, or an Assistant Director. Do you know anyone who needs Directing? Or I would also settle for a Famous Actor. Do you know anyone who needs Famous Acting?
Here are some pictures. TOO BAD I CAN'T SHOW YOU MORE! (I am the coolest person you know.)

With Amy and Ben and Dex's boat
Miami PD
Dex's Couch: Not Too Comfortable


Dex's desk.

Dexter's Bed: Also Not Comfortable
Hollywood sign outside of Sunset Gower Studios
Bikes in Manhattan Beach
Coolest Fam Ever
Seriously, thank you, Reynolds. 

This post is coming to you kind of late, if you're into timing blog posts and things, but we have been crazy busy. After CA, Mom and Dad were in town, which constituted a lot of pizza joints and a sun burn out by the pool, and this coming weekend we are going camping at the Grand Canyon in what is sure to be another photo-essay-worthy venture, wouldn't you agree?

So forgive my absence. I'll be back soon.

To tide you over, I've saved the best photo for last. IT IS DEXTER'S REFRIGERATOR

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