Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Las Vegas in Pictures

I'm in a funk this week and it's just no good. I know what I need and I can't do it, but I can dream about it. What I need is a rainy afternoon in the fall. Nobody needs me to be anywhere. Glazed donut holes. Louisville High School sweatpants and a sweatshirt that's too big for me. Nichole Nordeman's cover of "Time after Time" on repeat.

That's it. I can't have that though, and I am in a funk. In the meantime, I'm going to tell you all about Las Vegas. Last weekend we drove the four hours up to Nevada, a state Aar and I had never been to before, hurrah. My sister Jen and her husband and his brother are there this week for a convention so we went up to see them.

Please to enjoy the picture show.
Jen and I at dinner

Garden in the Wynn

New York New York. We rode the roller coaster.
Jen and I, the Wynn pool which was delicious

tulip sculpture - I think at the Palazzo?

A sleepy Aaron Michael and I shopping (and spending way too much money at Anthropologie) at Caesar's Palace, and a tower of delicious cupcakes. I got the Snickerdoodle and oh my. Yes to that.
Rainbow on the way home

Hoover Dam and a storm


  1. That rainy fall afternoon you described in the beginning sounds absolutely perfect :) I love days like those. Maybe just sub in UMD sweats ;) Looks like you had a wonderful trip!

    1. Thanks Meghan! :) Still waiting for that fall afternoon dream to come true...