Tuesday, October 25, 2011


There's this dude who is always pacing outside of our office. Have I mentioned how much I love that I sit in front of a big glass door and windows? ANYWAY.

I love sitting in front of windows, but then, there's the Pacing Dude. He is strange looking, always has a Mr. Grumpy look on his face and one time he was backing out of a parking space and didn't see me coming in my car, so I had to wait for a million hours and that's when he lost any opportunity to be a cool person in my life.

So yesterday I was walking out to my car for a lunch break and he was, you know, pacing outside. This was the first time I'd ever actually run into him, and he looked up and said "HI!" and gave this huge smile. And I'm not kidding, upon seeing the smile, I thought he was a different dude. It changed his whole face.

After recovering from my shock, I thought - aww, Maria, what a great metaphor for life. Everything is so different when we smile, we look different, we see life differently, birds fly higher and the sun shines brighter. But then I immediately thought ew, that is disgusting, how could I even entertain the thought of writing that?

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