Thursday, April 5, 2012

A+ Ohio Photo Essay

You guys, omg shut up.

Somehow, somewhere, that phrase, utilized in a "that's awesome!" kind of way has worked its way into my vernacular. I don't know if Aaron has started verbally night-terroring a-la Stacey London in his sleep or what, but I keep saying it and at weird times.

Boss: Please add this employee's newborn to his benefits plan.
Me: Omg shut up seriously?
Boss: ...What?

You get the idea. Help me.

Anyway, seriously, shut your mouth because I went to Columbus last weekend for my best friend Amy's wedding and it was the most wonderful whirlwind trip you're ever about to virtually re-live.

Sometimes going to Ohio can be strange, but always in a good way. It feels strange because it feels like I was just living there, which in turn makes our life in Arizona seem to be hovering in some kind of 100 degree limbo. This trip was especially that way because I got to see SO MANY of the people I love, and we were in Columbus which is so very close to beloved Athens. Dear Athens, do you export calzones?

Amy was extraordinarily beautiful. I don't know if I've told ya'll about Amy before. But she is exceptional. Her heart is big and her sense of snark is even bigger and she loves smoothies, so pretty much Amy for President. She married an awesome guy and we got our nails done and our hair done and, obviously, drank smoothies-a-plenty.

Omg Amy, shut up. You are so cute. This day rocked.

YOU GUYS. SHUT UP AND LOOK AT HER. This is the only thing I've ever seen that's actually cuter than those viral pictures of corgi puppies on swings I keep annoyingly seeing. She sat like this because she was all ready but it wasn't time for the aisle-polka yet, so we watched the episode of The Office where Pam and Jim get secret-married at Niagra Falls. She had this planned beforehand. I can't believe I didn't marry this chick first.

If you could see my heart it would be in the shape of Ohio and this is why. Here is Carole and Shelly from church and Ashley, my bobcat roomie. (2/3 of us...we miss you Ry.) You can't believe the adrenaline that comes after seeing so many people you love so very hard like this. Aaron had to get me a cheeseburger from Wendy's afterwards. Because I was that jacked up. I know, right?

The next day we went to Easton to see the Fishers. Here's pop. One month til he flies on out to AZ and I'm ok with that.

I would have needed a Wendy's cheeseburger again were it not for the massive piece of strawberry cheesecake Aaron and I had tackled at the Cheesecake Factory just minutes before this momentous photo, which was taken, by the way, by Pete. Everyone needs a Pete and we have one.

Aaron's sister Missy and William have a dog named Charley, but really he's a muppett and he watched just about the entire OSU basketball game (moment of silence) from my lap. That's when we became best friends and he told me I could come by any time.

He likes Aaron, too, but that ain't new, girl.

And then we flew back to Phoenix and endured, yet again, the mind-numbing disappointment in mankind that overtakes my spirit upon witnessing the IDIOCY of People In Airplanes. You may see this photo and think, "Surely, Maria, this cannot be real - we have invented cellular telephones! We use leashes on unruly west coast children! We wear dresses made of meat! Surely they cannot believe they will get off faster by standing up and staring at the person's head in front of them!" But they must; because this is real. And don't call me surely.

Ohio is cloudy, but when I come back to Limbo-Phoenix after a trip there, I just feel so, so vibrant.

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  1. I've read a few posts of ur blog and I was pretty impressed of how u describe Ohio. I just moved to Cleveland bout half a year ago and don't really know if I want tis to become my forever home. I miss quite some things... Maybe u Feel like dropping by my blog and tell me about Ohios hidden secrets that make it so loveable to u. :) Take care.