Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fantasy Football Has Come, Woe Unto Us

Should you have been a fly on the wall:

Aaron: DUDE! Oh my gosh, dude. I just picked up (evidently well-performing football player's name). Can you believe how good I am at this?

Ben: DUDE! BUT DUDE! Did you see who I just got? I just got (football player for whom a case is to be made that he is better-performing than the above choice by Aaron). So, yeah! Go me!

Maria: I think I have heard this person's name before, and in a football-related context regarding satisfactory performance. I will search for him and add him to my team.

Aaron: That guy is dead.

Maria: Please pass the salsa?


  1. I had my draft at 11 EST because I'm in a league with mostly guys from AZ/Cali. So by the time it started, Blyn was already asleep and didn't have to deal with me.

  2. Uhh, Maria? I feel your pain. Brett had a multi-page, color coded excel spreadsheet. I kid you not. And did several practice drafts. Still not clear on what exactly that means. But if I were in Phoenix, I'd totally pass you the salsa.

  3. Brookelyn, you are a trooper. Come back to Phoenix already.