Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm Rambling but I'm Right

It's about 10:20 pm and I'm not writing the news tonight. Aaron has gone to bed early with the help of some Nyquil... my bud isn't feeling too great and I know the stress he's under at work this week isn't helping. I just chopped up some onions and put them in the fridge so that they're ready for the morning. (I'll be putting a pork loin (and the onions) in the crock pot for some BBQ tomorrow night.) Now my hands are suffused with onion. Onion aromatherapy. It's not as bad as you're thinking. (But it is making me kind of hungry.) It's quiet except for the heater that just kicked on. And it's just me, my pup, and a little lamp.

Just wanted to give you a status check. Pull you onto my couch with me. Let's chat.

The Oscar's always give me a stomach ache. (Really everything gives me a stomach ache. But the Oscar's especially so?) It's so painful to watch the red carpet interviews - where Dignity Goes to Die and the fake smiles are almost worse than the girl at the lunch table with the brown hair in 7th grade and I won't go any further. Then there are the awards, with the cameras shoved in the faces of the losers, waiting for A Moment That Will Get Talked About Later, which always tend to be the bad moments, not the good ones. Then there is the host, who cannot win. They cannot. win. Listen to me - this is going to be the best, most concretely positive advice I can ever give you - never, ever agree to host the Oscar's.

Don't get me wrong, I think Seth McFarlane is pretty tasteless and, frankly, boring. I mean, I love Family Guy as much as the next girl-trying-to-impress-college-dudes-with-her-nonchalance-regarding-vulgar-humor, but still. He was set up to fail, ya'll. Ain't nobody can host the Oscar's successfully.

However, I was kind of surprised by the passion in today's response to him. Everyone seemed pretty peeved. Which kind of makes me roll my eyes, because the people he seems to have pissed off are the same ones who claimed things like "The Oscars are just part of the Machine" and "I am going to go plant a tree instead of watching them" and whatever it is they were saying. Anyway, they apparently all watched, and they HATED EVERY SECOND, DUH!?!?!

Because Seth McFarlane hates WOMEN and GAYS and the MENTALLY HANDICAPPED and TOMMY LEE JONES!

And so here is my question. Why is that wrong?

Is it wrong to hate women? Is it wrong to demean homosexuals? Is it wrong to make fun of mentally handicapped people? Is it wrong to discriminate? Is it wrong to hurt someone else?

Because the consensus seems to be yes, but I can't figure out WHY.

If you'd like the privilege of moral outrage, you must have a moral standard to which to point, and you must be able to account for where it comes from.

If we are all supposed to "do what makes us happy" and "do what feels right" and that is Morality, you must find out how to reconcile that with the fact that maybe what makes Seth McFarlane happy and what feels right to him is making women into props. Maybe that's his thing. And you'd better not judge him.

But if you're going to - Twitter outrage and all - you'd better be able to account for why. Are there Right things and Wrong things? ACCORDING TO WHAT. Until you have that figured out, take a deep breath, summon your courage, and sit this one out.

Additionally, I was just reading this. Luke Chapter 12.

"Do you think that I have come to give peace on earth? No, I tell you, but rather division." - (verse 51).

 Jesus came to teach us Truth - the big M Morality - and that is naturally divisive, because some people will believe it and other people won't. God has given us some beautiful things in this world - honor, mutual respect, harmony. But there are some Greater Things for which those beautiful things might have to suffer. If calling Right Right sacrifices unity, then we will have to choose the greater of the two, and - like Jesus - it will have to be the former.

 I am so tired of people using their idea of Jesus to cut down people willing to talk about the big M. "Stop claiming to know Right and Wrong. Jesus preached tolerance and love."

Nope, not really. Love, yes - but our current, perverted definition of "tolerance"? As in - the only way to be tolerant is to never call anything Right or Wrong? Absolutely NOT, ya'll.

Why do people who do not know Jesus believe they know more about Him than people who study Him? And why do people speak for Jesus when they don't know Him?



Jethro is doing that thing where he just stares at me. He wants to go to bed. I am going to finish this episode of "Sherlock" I was watching on Netflix. And then go to bed. And then I'll probably wake up, take a shower, make some eggs.. I'm going too far.


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