Friday, February 1, 2013

Look At All of These Things

Happy Friday to you and yours. I am over the moon that it's February and I'm sure you are too. January is just THE WORST, right? The absolute worst. Well, we've made it through another one and I think that's just super.

I read so many blogs and I love all of them, and for the most part all of them include lots and lots of pictures. I always love the pictures, and then I think, Maria! Photos! Join the club! And then I take my phone out to take a picture and I think... why on earth would this be interesting?

I suppose intrinsic in blogging is the belief that someone somewhere kinda does care about you. About your stuff. Maybe that makes bloggers terrible people. I can't figure that out. I mean, I know I'm terrible. But are all of us? I need a glass of wine.

Meanwhile, please look at all of my pictures with a little feigned interest, ok? Leave a comment and I'll spend at least 10 full seconds thinking about you. (Am I doing this right?)

 Beautiful sunset on Tuesday, behind the masterpiece of the modern auto industry.

 AaronMichael forcing me to plot the destruction of his phone after we demolished our pitas and that plate of hummus.


 Our backyard mud after 4 days of rain. This is a big weather event in Phoenix. I couldn't believe the gray sky. I couldn't believe it. (Also RIP grass.)

 New running shoes to commemorate my Return to the Treadmill.

 This is his spot when he knows we're about to leave the house. He is trying to hide because he thinks we're going to put him in the bathroom, where he used to have to stay during the day when he was a puppy (because he would tear up the carpet otherwise.) He hasn't had to go in the bathroom in over 2 years but he can't shake the trepidation, evidently. But honestly, is he not the most huggable?

 A sweet girl at the shelter "did my hair" last week and wanted to take a picture, but when I opened my phone later and saw this I immediately said to myself "WHO PUT A BLONDE WIG ON MY BROTHER." Because, seriously?

It's just wrong. (But Julia - Joe's girlfriend - is gorgeous as always. Miss these pumpkins.)

Happy Weekending, nerds.

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