Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm New.

Hi, you.

Though I'm not new to journaling, this will be my first online deal, I suppose. Unless you count xanga, that is. Don't you forget about xanga.

I imagine I should introduce myself, but I kind of hate the idea of describing myself in a great, sweeping one-sided conversation because it makes me feel silly and a bit boring. I think if you'd like to get to know me, I'll invite you to just keep reading!

I can tell you some basics - I live in Scottsdale, AZ and work in HR at a big resort here in town called The Phoenician. I got the gig because I learned Spanish in school, and I love getting to speak it every day. I got married last September to the sweetest face I've ever seen, and its name is Aaron. He is quite lovely and we have a lot of fun. I have a puppy named Jethro B., but we call him Jet. He is lovely too. Right now he is asleep on the floor, and he is clearly having quite an involved puppy dream because he is whimpering little puppy barks every few moments.

I'm also a Christian, and decided a few months ago that I'm going to take the risk of taking some time off from "planning" my life and try to do nothing but seek God in each moment. I promise that's not as 'existential' as it sounds... what I mean by it is that each time I face a decision about what I should do with my time, even if just for an afternoon, I'm trying to decide what would love God the most. And then I try to do that. Sometimes it means sitting with Aaron on the couch and eating peanut butter. Sometimes it means volunteering at the Murphy School District in Glendale. It's a curious experiment but my heart seems to be reacting quite cheerfully...

Well, Aaron got a new job today (I'm sure I'll post more about that later) so I want to enjoy tonight with him. He has worked so hard!

How are you? Let's be friends.

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