Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Libby House

Recently I was creating a new file folder for all of our paperwork that went into renting this house, and right after I washed my hands ten times and turned the light switch on 20 times so I could get it right, I created a manila file and called it "Libby House" (we live on Libby Street, keep up) and put it in our Baer Filing Cabinet.

Then I realized that "Libby House" is my new favorite thing, and I think I might want to name my first daughter Libby and also any female pets we might have and any soap opera character I soon create.

This brings us to the topic du jour, so here you are: welcome to the Libby House and also we have a no-shoes rule, because I've always hated when people seem to have arbitrary house rules so now that I can, I am going to have as many as it takes to annoy you. You also may not use the word "refrigerator" and you have to SHUT UP AND LISTEN RIGHT NOW when I put Celine Dion on the stereo.


AB Cooking, Jethro sniff-testing. "Add salt."

This is the puzzle that depicts a Tiger in a Amazon-esque Rain Forest. Let me be me, ok?

Kitchen/Dining room area with the backdoor open.

Looking into the family room from the kitchen

Making crafts with my cat. Yes, I was wearing a tie-dyed hoodie and no, I hadn't showered in a while and my, aren't we full of derrogatory questions.

Den. Man that cat sleeps everywhere.

Bedroom. The sun doesn't heat this place to a towering inferno every afternoon like it did in our apartment, so the uncontrollable urge to take a nap every moment of every day is really starting to cut into my eating and otherwise living time.

Master bathroom

Looking outside from the bedroom doors

Bedroom doors. If you're not there yet, the word we're looking for is "I'M JEALOUS OF YOU MARIA." I know, Ohio people. That's why I took all these "french door" shots.

Back of house.

Please play with me? (Also: don't mourn the dead grass. That's what happens in AZ winters, we're told. It will come back.)

Seriously. PLEASE play with me?


Come visit. I can't find one of the puzzle's end pieces so free Girl Scout cookies to whoever finds it.

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