Monday, March 5, 2012

To California: A Narrative

This weekend we drove to Pasadena to hang out with Aaron's cousins. We left early-ish on Saturday and drove the lonely, dusty I-10 through the windmills that make me ponder my own mortality and all that I waste my time on, and then we got to our hotel and immediately set back out in the warm sun.

We met up with Scott and Amy and drove out to Santa Monica, where we were greeted by this.

and I was like, man California. I want to marry you, but why does your gas cost $4.50 a gallon? As we pondered this and other of life's questions, we then proceeded to eat lobster at the aptly named "Lobster" on the pier, while Scott told awesomely awesome stories about his awesomely awesome job as a writer and producer for Dexter and Amy and I made plans to do Thanksigiving together next year.

The next day we went to Hollyweird.

The sun was so warm and the breeze was so nice and little Audrey and Zane are too fun for just a weekend. Listen to "Lovers Carvings" by Bibio if you want to know how the day felt.

Then I realized Will Smith and I could totally swap shoes.

Now we're back in Phoenix and the moral of the story is:

1. I've created a monster in buying myself a photo-ready iPhone

2. California is so wonderful except for a bottle of lemonade costing $3423240394

3. Aaron's cousins are super awesome and super fun and I'm super excited that we live so close to them; also I like 'super.'

Have you taken any fun little trips lately?


  1. So I can't tell you how much I owe you for introducing me to Bibio.

  2. Not gonna lie -- I'm a little jealous you got to put your feet where Will Smith's once were!

    Got to your blog today via your article on Relevant's site. Two words: love it. Forcing lots of friends to read it. :)

  3. Hi Arleen! So glad you're here! :) Will Smith for president.