Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mo Money Mo Money

The thing with Coke Zero is, I think it might be trying to kill me. If it tastes the same as Diet but it's not Diet, how are they doing that and is there a hotline for if my fingernails turn green? I mean, guys, they aren't, but still. Advertising something like Coke Zero makes me so sad, because it's so counterintuitive while I shake my head and drink another one. I think this is the type of situation where Darwin would say "and THAT'S why you'll never run a Fortune 500 company." But whatever, I'm a creationist.

Can you believe you read this blog? I know; probably don't tell anyone.

Anywhoo, Coke Zero Red Dawn notwithstanding, I've been meaning to write a bit regarding what you should all do with your money.

Ever since I started making money, it has been freaking me out. I never, ever, EVER, know what to do with it. I don't mean to say I'm not grateful for it; I very, VERY much am, and have certainly traipsed through leaner times without it. But at this point in our life, a pair of black high heels can send me into an anxiety spiral for three days, especially if they're not from the metal clearance rack at Macy's that is just unorganized enough to say "You Who Shop Here Mean Less To Us Than Those That Shopeth Amongst The Shelves."

But then a couple of months ago, Aaron and I set a goal for something we want to do with our money in a couple of months. (Here is where I get vague and don't tell you what it is, and you're like man, she sucks, and I'm like LET ME BE ME.) And I can't tell you how freeing it is.

A few weeks ago one of my favorite bloggers Annie wrote about how "there's something so good about having fewer options." And oh, is there. Now that I rabidly throw my paychecks into our savings account week after week, and proceed to guard them with my bare teeth, I've completely stopped sweating over the J. Crew striped sweater that all the fashion blogs told me I'd become irrelevant without. It's so wonderful.

And I cannot wait to tell you what we're saving for. As soon as it's all settled, I will. I am just superstitious and a part of me still can't believe it's going to happen, so as soon as we actually click "buy" I will share. BUT NOT UNTIL THEN BECAUSE I WILL HOOK YOU.

The bottom line is, set a goal with your money and do it, and stop buying earrings from American Eagle because they'll turn your ears green. So will Coke Zero.

And scene.

In other news, Relevant Magazine published a new column of mine today. I do hope you'll peruse!

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