Monday, January 7, 2013

Having Fun the AB Way

I'm feeling extra sweet on my sugar sweet husband this morning and so I thought to myself, I should write about it. But then I had a silly thought that I shouldn't, because my blog is supposed to be "funny" or "not too personal" or something like that, but upon reflection I think I'm wrong. Blogs aren't 'supposed' to be anything, much less my blog. I go through phases where I think, "I'll have one of those funny blogs" or "one of those fashiony blogs" or "one of those real deep-thinking blogs" but then I realize that sometimes a girl just wants to write about her painful reaction to a school shooting in one post and then show a picture of a homemade broccoli soup in another. Sometimes I feel cheeky, other times I feel sad, other times I feel like taking an iPhone photo of my toenails. Don't we all?

I think I read too many blogs about blogs, you know what I mean?

So now I'm going to type a few paragraphs about my husband, because I can, and because it will make me smile.

 Yesterday we got a new car. ("A NEWWWW CAR!" - Bob Barker) It is fabulous. It's a shiny blue SUV with a bluetooth system and reasonable payments. And we're buying it, not leasing it! Permanence!

As we were driving home calling everyone we know so that we could use the bluetooth, ("Hi Dad! Shut up Dad we have to call someone else") Aaron started talking about how nice it feels to actually make a big purchase. Because it sometimes feels like most 'big things' in our life are on loan... we rent our house, a lot of our furnishings are either leftover from dorm days or are second-hand... you know what I mean. So this brand new car is kind of a rite of passage for us. A Brand, New, CAR! (Bob, it's ok. Take a break.)

While Aaron jabbered on excitedly about this prospect I marveled once again at how hard this dude loves life. Things are Fun for Aaron. You don't understand. Everything is FUN for Aaron. Making waffles! Taking down Christmas decorations! Getting the car washed! LIFE!

It occurs to me that some people may not have spouses like this. Maybe Aaron doesn't have a spouse like this. Maybe sometimes I'm a little too bored. A little too whiny, a little too quiet, a little too ho-hum in proportion to the amazing go-round we're getting. I mean, we're kind of on the pretty princess train, you know? House to live in, nice bed, good jobs, Chipotle on Demand, two families who think we're the bees knees, finances that allow us to visit said families, etc.

Aaron gets this. Aaron knows how to have fun. Aaron IS fun. And I'm lucky.

Go make some waffles!

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