Wednesday, January 23, 2013

To The Lukewarmers

Yesterday was a gorgeous day in downtown Phoenix. Pure blue sky, a slight breeze. It was 80 degrees, but that's ok, as long as summer knows it's not its turn yet. (Wait your turn.)

Center for Arizona Policy, the organization my guy works for, held a rally downtown to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Roe V. Wade and to encourage our state legislators (many of whom attended) to continue fighting to protect the rights of pre-born kids.

My plea to you is simply this: don't be a lukewarmer.

Is it a child, or isn't it? You have to decide. And then you have to be sure. It is not above your pay grade any more than declaring that any human being is a human being is above your pay grade. What an absurd thing to say! If you're 'not sure' if it's a child, yet you openly advocate for the right to kill How can that be? Would you eat a mushroom if you 'weren't sure' if it were poisonous? Would you blow up a building if you 'weren't sure' whether there were 55 million children inside of it?

And do you have to be a scientist to discover whether someone is a human? Can I know that I'm human, even if I'm not a doctor? Can you?

Whether it is a human or not is not a reality dependent on what we think. It exists outside of us. Find that reality. And then do something about it.

If it's not a child, half the country is attempting to oppress women. You'd better join the fight against that.

If it is a child, you can't do nothing. You cannot do nothing. You. cannot. do. nothing.

It is a child. We all know it.

Get sure. And then get up.

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